Best Laid Plans

I was so fired up to start my New Year with the kids finally back in school. I got a bunch of stuff done on my Actors Access page on Monday and Tuesday as well as catching up with the apartment chores after being home my my 3 boys for 13 days, not that I counted, eye roll.


Wednesday morning; at first I didn't notice anything wrong. My two oldest were a little grumpy and slow to get up and to school but we had really been lax with the bedtime over the vacation so I wasn't all that surprised. I was surprised that my youngest was up early and telling me how incredibly hungry he was. He also told my he thought he had a fever. I felt his head, it was fine so I chalked it up to a weak attempt at staying home.


Morning in our home are very regulated, my husband goes to work around 5am so it is just me with the boys. This year, all my guys go to different schools; elementary, Middle and High School. This years routine has been my favorite to date.



I wake my oldest up at 6am he is out the door by 6:35 to catch his bus up to his High School in the Bronx. Then I wake my #2 son up and he is out the door by 7:10, he takes the city bus down 20 blocks to his Middle School. Then I have 15 minutes to get myself ready before I get my youngest up and in front of our building for the yellow school bus at 8am.


This gives me alone time with each of my kids every morning. New York apartments are never big enough and 3 boys in one room is hard, even if they do have a great view of the Statue of Liberty out their window.


So back to Wednesday morning, I promise not to be too graphic, my youngest eat two bites of breakfast and tells me he thought he was hungry but now his throat burns...


He almost made it to the bathroom, he gets an A for effort. I got him cleaned up, back into bed and let everyone know he wouldn't be in school. Then I settled in to do my morning journaling. I had just finished writing what a nightmare it would be if all the kids got sick at 3 different school at the same time when the phone rang.


My #2 son had made it to school but had gotten sick in the stairwell on his way up to class. I franticly called a neighbor to watch my youngest and ran down to pick him up. I'm so grateful he is not the kind of kid to be sensitive about getting sick in front of his whole school. He told me he heard one friend say “Hay, that's #2 son, why is he throwing up?” and another say.”Why do you think? He's sick!” He made his way, by himself to the nurses office telling his math teacher along the way that he wouldn't be in class. He was talking history between dry heaves with the school nurse when I arrived.


We got home just in time for me to get the phone call from the High School.


At least my oldest hadn't gotten sick, he had just fallen asleep in class and “felt funny”. I sat down wondering how I was going to be able to leave my two sick younger kids to make the 2 hour trip up and back from the Bronx. When my oldest told me he was worried about missing school and could he please try and stick it out, I said yes.


I still feel guilty about letting him stay, but I'm coming to learn parenting comes with a lot of guilt.


I managed not to get sick till later in the afternoon.


It's Friday now and the storm has passed. My husband wandered around with hand sanitizer and room freshener, he never did get sick. And yes it does bug me just a little.


But mostly I'm trying to get back to that place of raring-to-go that I had as the boys headed out to school on Monday. I can't let this knock me of course, and I know it had the potential to do so.

My word for the year:


As I pull myself together, one more time, hours before the kids are home again for the weekend, I will be consistent in my writing. I will set back up my lights and self tape again. And I will be present in our Fine Whines rehearsal today. And I will be grateful that we all got sick at once and not slowly over time.