Margaret Kelly is a New York City based actor and singer.

Presently, Margaret is one of The Fine Wines, the singing trio and emotional support in Carolyn Montgomery-Forant’s Visible Phoenix. She also appears as Maria, the over-rot bride in the independent film 42 Seconds of Happiness, now in post production

Known for her earnest-yet-wry soprano style, Margaret splits her time between her career and raising her three sons. She’s currently working on a one-person show entitled The Rynce Cycle, a comedy with music about a parent keeping sane while dealing with mental illness in both her mother and daughter.

When she’s not on working, Margaret can usually be found in her Hell’s Kitchen home wrangling her three sons or doing the laundry.


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Acting: Pamela Barnard (of LAMDA) Stephen Strimpel,

Voice: Kevin Stites, Craig Carnelia, Marnie Nixon, Scott Coulter, Frank Schiro

Dialects: Standard British, Irish, Scottish, French, Southern

Puppetry- UCONN Frank Balard